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AZM Resolution on Current Situation in America

Richard D. Heideman, President of The American Zionist Movement (AZM), which comprises 33 national Jewish Zionist organizations and works across a broad ideological, political and religious spectrum in the United States, and being profoundly concerned with the tragic killing of George Floyd and others and recent developments in our country, announces the unanimous adoption today by The American Zionist Movement Leadership Cabinet and the AZM Policy Review Task Force of the following Resolution:

The American Zionist Movement adopts a statement of the AZM diverse organizations from across the spectrum of Jewish and Zionist life in the United States calling for civility, respect, dialogue, non-violence and a commitment to treating all in the United States in the spirit of the principles upon which America, Judaism and Zionism are built: freedom, tolerance, individuality, respect, dignity, justice and the belief that each precious life is sacrosanct, deserving of protection by the governments of the United States and the individual States and local governments responsible for preserving peace and mandating that its officials and officers treat each individual with respect without regard to their race, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender or national origin and with full equality based upon their inalienable rights and the dignity of each human being. AZM fully rejects all language and despicable murderous acts of racism, bigotry, intolerance, hatred, harm, civil unrest and attempts to divide and destroy the fiber, fabric and richness of the diversity and commonality of American life. The AZM also condemns the actions of those who have been using the recent terrible tragic events to engage in Antisemitic attacks targeting synagogues and Jewish businesses, and to falsely blame the Jewish people, Zionists or Israel for the acts of others.

For further information, contact:
Richard D. Heideman, AZM President,
Herbert Block, AZM Executive Director,
Alicia Post, AZM National Program and Communications Director,

The American Zionist Movement (AZM) is comprised of 33 national Jewish Zionist organizations and works across a broad ideological, political and religious spectrum linking the American Jewish community together in support of Israel, Zionism and the Jewish people.

MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS: Ameinu • American Forum for Israel • AMIT • ARZA (Association of Reform Zionists of America) • Baltimore Zionist District • Bnai Zion Foundation • Hadassah – The Women’s Zionist Organization of America • Herut N.A. • Lavi Olami – Doreinu • MERCAZ USA (Zionist Organization of Conservative Judaism) • NA’AMAT USA • Ohavei Zion – World Sephardic Zionist Organization • Partners for Progressive Israel • Religious Zionists of America • Zionist Organization of America || AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS Americans for a Safe Israel • Am Yisrael Foundation • B’nai B’rith International • Endowment for Middle East Truth • Emunah of America • Friends of Israel Scouts (Tzofim) • Israel Forever Foundation • Jewish National Fund • WIZO USA || ZIONIST YOUTH MOVEMENTS American Zionist Youth Council • Bnei Akiva • BBYO • Habonim Dror N.A. • Hashomer Hatzair USA • NCSY • NFTY • USY • Young Judaea

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