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Tu B’shvat

Tu B’shvat is the traditional “New Year for Trees” on the Jewish calendar.

This holiday, observed on the 15th day of the month of Shvat, is also an ideal time to focus on our connection to the land of Israel and to infuse our Zionist identity with a “green” consciousness.

In 5784/2024 Tu B’Shvat falls on January 25th. As Tu B’Shvat also symbolizes renewal and resilience, it has additional significance this year given the impact of the 10/7 attacks on the people and land of Israel and its agriculture.

Resource materials are provided below to help individuals, families, schools, and synagogues celebrate Tu B’shvat.

Tu BiShvat Reflections:

VP of Programming – Nomi Colton-Max: Read here


Tu B’shvat Seder and Hagaddah

World Zionist Organization:

WZO Department of Irgoon and Israelis Abroad

WZO Beit Ha’am Z Talks TuBishvat Haggadah/Ecological Tikkun Olam

WZO Zionist Enterprises Department

Jewish Agency for Israel: Studies in Jewish Tradition and Activity Ideas

Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund:

My Jewish Learning: Tu Bishvat 2024

Materials and Activities for Tu B’Shvat from AZM Organizations:

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