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Hebrew Language – שפה עברית

Hebrew (Ivrit עברית) is a language both old and new, of the Bible and daily life of modern Israel. It is the language of Jewish prayer and a foundation of the Zionist movement. On this page you can see AZM programs and information related to Hebrew. AZM is a proud partner of the Council for Hebrew Language and Culture in North America

The American Zionist Movement is pleased to offer two upcoming Hebrew language opportunities.
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Hebrew in high demand as coronavirus lockdowns keeps people stuck indoors
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Hebrew Comes to The Forefront of Jewish Education

The Council for Hebrew Language and Culture convened last week in New Jersey for its annual conference. The organization, established in 2013, aims to connect people to the Jewish culture, religion and language through Hebrew. This November the Council attained one of its initial goals — the establishment of professional network of teachers.

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Learn Hebrew with ViZionYLD and Masa Israel Journey

Join ViZionYLD & Masa Israel for an evening of informal Hebrew networking. Practice your Hebrew-speaking skills over beera and chummus with other young professionals. Chat with young Israelis, and schmooze b’ivrit at the bar! Café Ivrit is a new initiative that uses the Hebrew language to further connect young professionals to their Jewish identity & the State of Israel.
The series uses a holistic approach of immersion and experiential learning to engage and inspire.

All levels are welcome. Yallah, Nu!!
Light Israeli refreshments will be served.

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the Hebrew letter alef

Learn Some Hebrew Words and Roots;Learn About Zionism As Well

Just as fidelity to the Hebrew language was a key to our redemption from Egypt (Midrash Vayikra Rabba 32:5), so, too, was it a key to our survival throughout the long exile from our homeland. Dispersed to the four corners of the earth, our diligence in continuing to study and pray in Hebrew united us in a collective bond to our common inheritance and its values.

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