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Announcing Tachles: Hebrew on Zoom with AZM, WZO-DDA & CZF

June 16, 2020
24 Sivan 5780

Richard D. Heideman, President, The American Zionist Movement, announced that The American Zionist Movement, the World Zionist Organization Department of Diaspora Activities and the Canadian Zionist Federation convened a new initiative today “Tachles: Hebrew on Zoom”, which was attended by two hundred people from throughout the United States, Canada and other countries.

The class was led by Or Adi, the WZO/DDA East Coast Director, who serves as a WZO Shlicha and liaison to AZM.

Heideman stated “The American Zionist Movement, consisting of 33 American Jewish Zionist organizations from across the spectrum of Jewish life, is dedicated to improving the knowledge of the millions of members of the American Jewish Community whose organizations are members of AZM. Teaching Hebrew, the modern and ancient language of the Jewish people, is an important tool in increasing knowledge, dialogue, exchange, understanding and communication within our extensive and extended community.”

Special credit is deserved to Ori Adi and Alicia Post, AZM National Program and Communications Director, for organizing this weekly series.

Alicia Post stated, “These classes provide an incredible opportunity to share the Hebrew language with our community, connecting us to each other, and helping move Zionism Forward.”

Or Adi stated, “Leading these classes are an engaging way to share the language of our people; the state of Israel and its culture; connecting from home while talking about our homeland.”

Ongoing Tachles practical Hebrew classes continue until August 4, 2020. To catch up and log in, please see:

For further information, contact:
Alicia Post, AZM National Program and Communications Director

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