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Addressing Antisemitism in this Crisis: Strategy & Resources

Join us (via Zoom) on Wednesday, March 13 at 1 pm ET as Zach Schaffer from Project Shema:

  • Explains how and why anti-Jewish ideas are spreading on the Left.
  • Offers a proven strategy to address this challenge, and
  • Provides tactical guidance to respond to the most challenging questions, including ones on colonialism and genocide.

Who Is Project Shema?

Project Shema is a training and support organization to help the Jewish community and allies address anti-Jewish ideas and nurture compassion for Jews. Project Shema works to deepen understanding and empathy for the Jewish people’s history, trauma and lived experiences. They specialize in helping people understand how anti-Jewish ideas can be carried alongside discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, even if unintentionally.

Zach Schaffer is a facilitator, educator, and organizer. He currently serves as the Co-Founder and VP of Community Engagement with Project Shema, a training and support organization built by progressives to help our Jewish community challenge anti-Jewish ideas and nurture compassion for Jews on the progressive left. He has trained thousands of leaders across North America in depolarization, storytelling, antisemitism, and the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Zach has served as a facilitator and consultant with a number of organizations including Ta’amod, Resetting the Table, and Jewish Women International.

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