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The American Zionist Movement is pleased to update for 2021-5782 and share once again the American Zionist Shabbat initiative. This project spans the period from Parshiot Lech Lecha (October 16/Cheshvan 10) to Vayishlach (November 20/Kislev 16), 2021-5782. 

This material is intended to provide resources that synagogues, schools, and communal organizations can use to speak about Zionism during the period of the weekly Torah readings which establish the historic connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.   

Beginning in 2017 AZM re-launched a new annual American Zionist Shabbat initiative – Shabbat Tzion program – in order to encourage greater dialogue within American Jewry on the significance of Zionism and its continuing relevance to our people and community. We hope the commencement of Parshat Lech Lecha – the beginning of Abraham and Sarah’s journey to what would become the Land of Israel – will inspire Rabbis to speak about Zionism in their sermons, drashot, and writings; day schools, yeshivot, and Hebrew schools to connect their students to Zionism through the Parshiot; and congregations, community organizations, and Jewish institutions to share materials through programs and discussions on Zionism.

AZM has compiled this sourcebook, drawn from materials developed and shared by our AZM organizations and others in order to provide a resource for conversations on Zionism during this period of American Zionist Shabbat. We will continue to grow and expand this guide and program through the years, and encourage others to share sources with us at

Since Theodor Herzl convened the first  World Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897, Jews worldwide have been brought together by the discussion of Zionism. AZM is continuing this tradition to further advance Zionist discourse in the United States. We hope that our contribution will connect Jews with our homeland, continuing to support the culture and democracy that Israel imbues today. In the pages that follow please find online links to a plethora of Zionist content, including Shabbat in Israel, Divrei Torah, history and culture.

Please share, forward, and implement your own thoughts in celebration of Zionism and the American Zionist Shabbat.  We thank the leaders of the AZM organizations and others who have contributed materials, ideas, and thoughts in developing the American Zionist Shabbat Sourcebook.

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