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Participate in the AZM Purim Connection 2014

AZM_PurimIllustration_smallFebruary 10, 2014/10 Adar 5774

Did you notice it’s Adar? Well, really Adar I.

Soon it will be Purim. The streets in Israel and Jewish neighborhoods around the world will resonate and echo with the laughter and gaiety associated with Purim. It is a day meant to let it all hang out before returning to the stresses and strains of daily life.

But away from the merriment stand Lone Soldiers, olim,who are  immigrants to the Jewish State, standing guard in defense of a newly-adopted Homeland. It is Purim. Who will send them Purim gifts, mishloach manotYou can through the annual AZM Purim Connection, now more than 25 years old. A gift of $36, $54 or more will brighten the routine for these shomrim, guardians of our future and tell them they are cared about and remembered.

The Purim Connection will also reach Israeli children who will gain a new perspective on Jewish life when they receiving a gift from far away.  AZM engages day schools and synagogue classes in the US to collect here for mishloah manot that go to eager hands over there.  Your personal donation will be joined with those from the schools, bringing joy to many in Israel. It will happen if you make it so.

For American Zionists and supporters of Israel, there is no ad de lo yadah, not knowing the difference between Mordechai and Haman. We are ever conscious of the need for strength, vigilance and harmony among Jews on Israel’s behalf. The AZM Purim Connection is the perfect way to demonstrate that connection.

Please deliver the joy of Purim to an Israeli student, soldier, friend with the message of solidarity and love of Zion.. For $36, $54, $72 or more you can be a Mordechai or Esther to an old friend, new friend or about to be friend.

For the Jews There was Light, Gladness, Joy and Honor—and so may we be blessed

Please give generously.

Zion Greetings, Purim Sameach.

Rabbi Vernon Kurtz, President

William D. Hess, Chairman, Purim Connection

Karen Rubinstein, Executive Director

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