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HBR Scholarship Recipients: Spring 2009

The Helyn B. Reich Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1995 in memory of Helyn B. Reich, wife of founding AZM President Seymour D. Reich. Reich scholarships are awarded each fall and spring to a limited number of American students who have chosen to study at one of several designated Israeli universities or post-college long-term programs in Israel. The scholarship seeks to recognize candidates who have demonstrated academic excellence, pro-Israel activity in their personal lives, and a dedicated commitment to future involvement with the Jewish and Zionist community in the United States.

The American Zionist Movement is pleased to announce the winners of the Spring 2009 Helyn B. Reich Memorial Scholarship. The recipients are accomplished young Americans Zionists dedicated to AZM’s mission, who are thrilled to be spending the next year living and immersing themselves in Israel.

Rose Askinazi will be participating in the Career Israel Experience program, where she will be a business intern for an Israeli company. Her decision to attend an Israel program comes after significant previous involvement with Israel-focused organizations, including Young Judaea, USY, and as a lifetime member of Hadassah. In college, she attended Hillel’s Leadership Mission to Israel, where she traveled to communities and institutions around Israel to learn about Jewish diversity. Next year, Rose will attend graduate school at SUNY Binghamton, where she intends to continue her involvement with the Jewish community and encourage students to attend long-term Israel programs.

“[Work] experience in Israel is particularly valued because Israel is on the cutting edge of new technologies, including green technology… I also expect to broaden my knowledge of the difference in business cultures between America and Israel [and] to further hone my leadership skills through the speakers and seminars provided by Career Israel.”
– Rose Askinazi

Kim Sarembock will attend the Israel Career Experience program. Her internship will be with an organization in Tel Aviv that counsels children that have left their homes, which will be rewarding and beneficial towards her future career as a social worker. In high school, Kim was elected to represent her youth group to the board directors of the Bureau of Jewish Education, including representing a week-long “mifgash” program with Israeli students. At the University of Arizona, Kim was elected to be part of JNF’s Caravan for Democracy program, spreading Israel advocacy on cmapus. Kim studied for a spring semester abroad at Tel Aviv University, which she calls “one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences of my life.”

“Zionism and Judaism has always, and will always play a role in my life. I plan on working closely with the Jewish community both locally (in my future home) and nationally. With a Masters degree in social work (starting fall ’09), I plan to improve and help the lives of every/any Jewish person and family in need.”
– Kim Sarembock

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