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This Year Celebrate Tu B’Shvat with a Seder

Tu B’shvat is the Jewish New Year for Trees. As the environment is changing, and the concept of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) is changing with it, we must be more aware of how this generation has the potential and the responsibility to change current practices in our society.  In Deuteronomy 20:19 we learn “A human is like a tree in the field.”  Just as one tree does not make a forest, one person does not make up a community.  It takes all of us working together.

Materials are provided below to help individuals, families communities, and synagogues to organize and implement Tu B’shvat seders as a way to examine and celebrate our connection to the land of Israel and the people of Israel.  Tu B’shvat is an ideal time to focus on Israel and is also a way to infuse Zionist identity with a green consciousness.  

Download the hagaddah here.  


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Please click on the links below for more Tu B’shvat resources.

Tu B’shvat Song – כי האדם עץ השדה …….Because Man is a Tree of the Field

Tu B’shvat Hagaddah

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Plant a tree in the Carmel Forest

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