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AZM President’s Message for 5780

As we prepare to usher in 5780 I am sharing with you the message I presented in my recent remarks to the AZM National Board meeting, so ably chaired by the AZM National Board Chair, Dr. Francine Stein:

A house needs four walls or “pillars” upon which to stand.

The four pillars of AZM are: 1) Leadership; 2) Membership; 3) Programs; and, our 4) Youth.

Our “Roof” is: in our home we convene and gather Zionists from across the spectrum of Jewish life. Like Abraham’s tent, we are hospitable to all and treat all Zionists with respect and dignity.

The “Floor” on which we can build our AZM “house” of activities is: our 33 AZM National Zionist organizational members, including the Zionist Youth organizations; all of which require fundraising, which will provide the resources for all we can, should and must do to move Zionism Forward in America.

The forthcoming US Election for the 38th World Zionist Congress gives us all a special opportunity to spread our Zionist message far and wide, and to involve many more people and groups in AZM and in all our movements and organizations.

5780 will be an important year for the American Jewish community, the State of Israel and AZM to move Zionism Forward. We look forward to having all of you as our, partners in the work of AZM in this coming year.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Rosh Hashana and all the best for a healthy, happy, safe and sweet New Year.


Richard D. Heideman
The American Zionist Movement

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