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AZM Condemns Antisemitic and Anti-Zionist Statements of Sunrise Movement DC

Deborah Isaac, President, Michael Laufer, National Board Chair, and Herbert Block, Executive Director of The American Zionist Movement (AZM) issue the following statement:

The leadership of the American Zionist Movement condemns Sunrise Movement DC for its unequivocal opposition to Zionism, its Antisemitic statements and its Antisemitic boycott of an event because of the participation of Jewish organizations which support Israel and Zionism.

Sunrise DC’s attempts to explain its actions furthers its Antisemitic and Anti-Zionist attacks on Israel and the Jewish people.

Sunrise DC, by its own statement, opposes Zionism – the belief that Israel has an unconditional right to exist as the Jewish democratic homeland as well as the right of the people of Israel to live in peace and security. This is a clear example of Antisemitism as defined by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) which has been adopted by over 30 countries and many organizations worldwide. In addition, Sunrise DC’s decision to boycott the event is a clear example of an act in support of the BDS movement which the AZM denounces.

The AZM believes that we can aspire to improved conditions for, and peace with, Palestinians and Arabs without spreading blatant falsehoods about Israel, as Sunrise DC has done in its statements.

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