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Truth About Israel: India

Truth About Israel

An AZM Educational Campaign

"Even my friends didn't know. TV never told them how Israel helps my country of birth defend itself against terrorism." -- Nikhil, age 17, India

Recognizing that they are both under attack by extremist enemies, India and Israel have developed a close economic and strategic relationship over the past few years. Both countries, in their respective regions, are the only democracies with secular governments dedicated to the rule of law. Both countries have large Muslim minorities and have been targets of terrorist activity originating from neighboring non-democratic countries.

In September 2000, an Israeli team of counter-insurgency experts was invited by Indian Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani to assess India’s security needs. The Israelis were asked to determine the areas in which Israel could offer assistance to India to help reduce the incidence of terrorist incursions from Pakistan. It was agreed that Israeli assistance would include “information transfers, instruction in operational methods and the sale of equipment.” The previous summer, Home Minister Advani had visited Israel and advocated for closer Indo-Israeli cooperation on all security matters. While in Israel, he learned about counter-terrorism measures and border management techniques from high-level Israeli security service officials.

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