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Herzl: Up Close and Personal

In Pursuit of the Zionist Vision

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Ordering Information:

For more information, call 212-318-6100 or
e-mail your question.

Exhibit Includes:

  • 28 beautifully produced and easily assembled interlocking panels of stimulating visuals and texts
  • A guide for the visitor
  • A handbook for educators and youth leaders, containing programming materials and resources for five 2-hour sessions

The exhibition is modular and can be set up in areas as small as 200-250 square feet, or 40-50 linear feet.

Excellent For:

  • Display in schools, synagogues, community centers, and cultural halls
  • Exhibition at special events, community celebrations, public ceremonies, museums, and city halls
  • Presentation at seminars, retreats, conferences, and in-service training programs

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