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What Are Your “ViZions of Zionism”? Join the Conversation!

Expressing views of Zionism and feelings about Israel through writing is a way for us to convey our diverse opinions about Zionism to a broad audience. ViZions of Zionism is exemplary of both the breadth and the depth of Zionism, with contributors from all points on the spectrum of Zionist thought. You can expect to see posts that espouse seemingly divergent opinions about Zionism. This is not a contradiction, but rather another example of the wide range of Zionist opinions and beliefs.

Zionism. It’s a word that evokes strong emotions, passion, and for many, confusion. It can take many different forms, and for people around the world, both Jews and non-Jews, it can be interpreted to mean different things. At its core, Zionism is Jewish nationalism. It is the belief that the Jewish people have a shared history, religious heritage, and language. Zionists, those who identify with the Jewish national movement, recognize Israel as the Jewish State, as an independent, sovereign nation which allows the Jewish people the right to self-determination.

Beyond these lofty shared principles, one finds a great deal of diversity within the Zionist movement. Individuals who identify themselves as Zionists span the spectrum of political leanings, religious affiliation, and personal background. They connect with Zionism in a variety of ways, either as a political movement or a cultural one that allows people around the world to identify with the language, culture, music, and discourse of the Jewish people. Zionism manifests itself in many ways, from the physical (those who choose to make aliyah and live in Israel), to the vocal (those who speak out about Zionism, educating others about the movement), to personal and subtle ways, which include speaking Hebrew, buying Israeli-made products, and taking a personal interest in the well-being of the State of Israel and the Israeli people.

The various forms that Zionism takes when expressed in ViZions of Zionism mirror the conversation about Zionism worldwide. They differ in their approaches, and sometimes even in their conclusions, but ultimately unite under the banner of Zionism, of pride in Jewish nationalism, and of affirmation of the connection that the Jewish people have to Israel.

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