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Beit Ha’am – Tribute to Leonard Cohen

 “I never hid the fact that I am Jewish and whenever there is a crisis in Israel I”ll be there.

I am committed to the survival of the Jewish People.”

Leonard Cohen

The singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen died on November 7, 2017 at the age of 82.  With his passing we salute his extraordinary talent and remember him as one who never distanced himself from his Jewish roots, his Jewish heritage and Jewish values.  Many of his songs were informed by the Jewish tradition.

The Department for Diaspora Activities created a special edition of Beit Ha’am, entitled Bird on a Wire, devoted to the life and work of Leonard Cohen

Click on the image below to access a PDF of Bird On Wire.  We encourage you to use these materials to celebrate his memory and his music.



To see the full Beit Ha’am collection please visit this page

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