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Monopolity: The Fun Game of Israeli Politics

Do Israeli politics confuse you?  Do you understand what happened in the elections and why?
Who won and who is Yair Lapid, anyway ? What is a coalition negotiation?monopolity-2-6

The WZO: Department of Diaspora Activities presents Monopolity– a life-size game board and simulation of the political parties and issues in Israel today.

Monopolity is a fun, inter active game that explores the complexities of the Israeli Society and Knesset! Using the game, you can debate and discuss some of the major issues in Israeli society: State vs. Religion, Peace & Security , Immigration, the Israel-Diaspora relations, to name a few.  It  is suitable for a wide variety of venues and groups, including Hillels, youth movements, congregations, Jewish Day Schools and supplementary schools, and other Jewish communal settings for adults as well as students.

The 2013 Israeli elections that took place last month create a great opportunity to educate, learn, and stay up to date with the current political realities in Israel. In that light, the WZO has prepared a special Monopolity supplement that simulates the ongoing process of coalition building and government formation. This activity will help participants understand the meaning of the election results and connect to the political negotiations that are occurring in Israel right now.

By ordering the kit, you will receive the board game, information cards, game pieces of real Israeli party leaders, fake money, dice, and leader’s guide.

If you order Monopolity now for your community, you will receive the supplemental activity for FREE!

In addition, the WZO can work with you to train you for facilitation or can help you find a facilitator for your program. (dependent on location, there may be a cost)

Special AZM 25% discount: The original price of the kit is $120.00 plus shipping. The special AZM discount price is only $90.00!

Purchase today on PayPal 

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