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Chanukah Heroes – Fourth Night

ON THIS FOURTH NIGHT, we remember soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), who fight so hard to defend the Jewish homeland, enabling Israel to build and sustain a flourishing society based on democratic values. The IDF was established on May 31, 1948, and incorporated paramilitary organizations that had formed before Israel was declared a State.


Chanukah Hero:

The IDF proudly counts Jews from all over the world as part of their ranks. But it also embraces non-Jewish Israeli citizens and treats them like family as well. Avi Bari arrived in Israel from Guinea as an illegal immigrant. After several years of acclimating to and falling in love with Israel, he gained citizenship and joined the IDF. Read more about his integration into Israeli and Army culture here.


Chanukah Hero:

Tamar Goren grew up all over the world as an ambassador’s daughter, and thought she knew everything about armies and war. But during her teenage years in Israel, she became more involved in Israeli culture and had the shared experience of taking preliminary army exams with her peers. She soon realized that she wanted to defend her country, and is now a Markmanship Instructor for soldiers in basic training. Read more about how her principles help her uphold the IDF’s “Doctrine of Purity” here.


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