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With Israel, In Israel A Photo Essay Day Two

Day Two — August 8, 2006

Herzog is shown as he addressed the more than 700 visitors from abroad and new olim who gathered at Hadassah-Neurim north of Netanya. Photo: Shlomy Ben Ami

Photo: Shlomy Ben Ami
“Whenever I go, I come back and I am strengthened by these people,” said Israeli Minister of Tourism Isaac Herzog. He was referring to his frequent trips to the war-torn north of Israel, where families hide out in bomb shelters and pray that their homes and their lives will not be destroyed by the Hezbollah katyushas that rain down on the land. Mission participants were also given the unforgettable opportunity to meet these brave and resilient Israelis face to face and to tell them that they do not stand alone in their fight for the survival of their country.

Performers from the IDF Entertainment Corps. Photo: Joyce Leslie

Photo: Joyce Leslie

At the Solidarity Rally, we were treated to a variety of musical performances, from the IDF singing troupe to dancing Ethiopian children to the famous Israeli singer Shalva Berti. Especially after spending the day in the grim environs of Haifa, beholding the spirit and the life of these youthful Israeli performers lifted our spirits and restored our hope for the future.

Mayor of Haifa (center in black)
l to r: Tibi Roth, Marty Davis, Jim Schiller, Rabbi Warren Goldstein
Photo: Shlomy Ben-Ami

An underground parking garage functions as a bomb shelter for the children of Haifa
Photo: Leslie Joyce

One picture of damage done in Haifa by a Katuysha rocket that fell on the city
Photo: Haifa Municipality

A storekeeper in Haifa looks out on the peaceful but empty street.
Photo: Leslie Joyce

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