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ViZion Newsletter – June 2010

ViZion Celebrates Theodor Herzl’s 150th Birthday

Just one of many celebrations of the 150th birthday of the father of Modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl, took place on Wednesday, June 2nd, at the headquarters of the American Zionist Movement in NYC. Young professionals from the NY area were treated to an Israeli buffet dinner (and birthday cupcakes, of course!) as they had the opportunity to hear a panel of speakers discuss Herzl’s vision and what it means today.

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Idealistic Stint Turns Into “Real Job”

Written by David Harris, AJC Executive Director

When I joined the Jewish world in 1975, I thought it would be a brief idealistic stint, more or less like a Jewish Peace Corps experience, after which, to quote a family member, I’d find a “real” job.

It turned out rather differently. Thirty-five years later, I’m still at it. Truth be told, I love my work at AJC and still can’t believe I’m being paid to do something that fills me, day after day, with such passion, meaning and fulfillment. I can only wish others the same sense of satisfaction.

In those 35 years, even as there have been dark and difficult moments, I’ve been fortunate to witness some remarkable achievements in the ever-unfolding history of the Jewish people: the rescue of Soviet and Ethiopian Jewry; the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and renewal of Jewish life; peace treaties for Israel with Egypt and Jordan; the repeal of the infamous “Zionism is racism” resolution; Israel’s start-up revolution; burgeoning Jewish days schools and Jewish studies programs across the U.S.; and so much more.

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Dan Brown Speaks With ViZion – Live from Jerusalem!

Dan Brown, editor and founder of joined ViZion, via video conference, and shared some important insights on the direction of social media and our role as professionals in the philanthropic world.

E-Philanthropy has become one of the main applications of the internet in the philanthropic sector. Dan discussed the challenges of keeping up with the ever-evolving world of social media, and leveraging it to best serve non-profit organizations.

The concept of a 5-10 year plan has become non-existent thanks to social media, as the field is constantly changing.  However, while we recognize the vital part e-philanthropy plays these days, it is imperative for organizations to be mindful of their market and donors.  Donors are more demanding today and therefore transparency is of the utmost importance.  So, while social media tools are valuable for everyone, not all areas of social media work to the benefit of every organization.  Social media works well to help organizations build a brand to make them more identifiable and recognizable in the over-saturated world of non-profit organizations.

Dan emphasized how crucial it is that each organization’s website should be current, keeping in mind that websites have a two year shelf life.  Evolution of an organization’s website is dependent of technology.  But, one way to keep your website current and utilizing it to attract donors of various ages would be to create microsites and developing content relevant to a particular age demographic.

ViZion thanks Dan Brown for taking the time to speak with this dynamic group of young professionals.  This video conference is just one of the ways that ViZion is connecting and cultivating professionals in the Israel/Zionist related world. We are currently building our team. If you are interested in learning how to become more involved, contact Leor Sinai, Membership Chair, at

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ViZion’s mission is to:

* Connect Jewish young professionals working in Zionist/Israel/Jewish not-for-profits.
* Create a network of like minded professionals sharing the challenges facing the Jewish communal world and their own professional development.
* Cultivate the future of Zionist and Jewish communal leaders in a safe and open environment.

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