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Truth About Israel: North Africa

Truth About Israel

An AZM Educational Campaign

"It never makes world news, but every year Israel sends doctors to cure Africans of eye diseases. Thousands line up and get treated for free." -- Yordanos, age 20, North Africa

North Africa
In many areas of Africa, health facilities are inadequate. There are severe shortages of supplies, equipment and trained personnel. Furthermore, many people suffer from various degrees of blindness due to cataracts, malnutrition, trauma and infections that aren’t properly treated.

Since 1960, Israeli ophthalmology specialists, in cooperation and in consultation with local authorities, have been visiting Africa to help those who suffer from eye disease. Over the years, Israeli eye clinics have cured and restored sight for thousands of people.

These eye clinics were sponsored by the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s Center of International Cooperation, known by its Hebrew acronym, MASHAV. Launched in 1958, MASHAV’s mission is to share with the rest of the developing world the know-how and technologies which provided the basis for Israel’s own development. It aims to promote sustainable development and social equity.

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