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Rose Bayer – Personal Statement

I believe that all Jews should serve the Jewish world and Israel in some way. As  a community, we must support our  Jewish home in every way that we can. As my personal connection to Zionism grows each year,  so does the breadth of my support for the Jewish homeland. This connection is still developing for me in multifaceted ways, as a bigger and bigger piece of my heart is inadvertently left behind in Israel every time I travel there. My Zionistic drive has led me back to Ha’aretz several times,  always for different purposes. I have not only learned about our land, history and current issues through my tourist travels but I have also dedicated my time, skills and experience to bettering Israel; I have volunteered as an English tutor for Darfur refugees in Yemin Orde, an international youth village, and volunteered in various communities in need throughout the north with the Jewish National Fund Alternative School Break. However, my commitment to Zionism has inspired me to serve my home away from home at a new level. While I consider my future, and whether I will be spending the rest of my life in Israel, I will volunteer as an EMT for Magen David Adom. It is my time to delve further into my connection to Zionism by applying my education and EMT certification towards changing, helping and saving lives in Israel.

I believe Zionism is at the heart of Judaism.  Zionism is an unconditional love and support for not just a nation, but also a people. It can be defined as a lifelong dedication to bettering Israel as a whole. Zionism is the steadfast pursuit of protecting the world’s Jewish home. It is simply put, a passion for the land of Israel and all that it stands for. To be a Zionist today means to continuously deepen my relationship with Israel for the rest of my life. This means that in times of instability and violence, which I know will likely occur, that I do not abandon my dedication to Israel. It means that anti-Israel sentiment and actions do not instill fear or worry in me, but instead spark inspiration and pride to defend the Land and  never give up. Being a Zionist today means dedicating myself to educate Jews and non-Jews in the United States and abroad all about Israel, its culture, struggles and most importantly the need for constant worldly support. As a Zionist today, I am part of a diverse and united community that fights for its goals and stands strong for a common purpose.