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DJ Or Tregger Joins AZM at the Celebrate Israel Parade!

The American Zionist Movement gathered with friends and supporters to demonstrate solidarity at the Celebrate Israel Day Parade on Sunday, June 3rd. The spirit of Israel was evident through plentiful cheers, waving Israeli flags, decorated floats, and an enthusiastic crowd of over 30,000.

AZM followers marched alongside a unique float with a slogan that read “Unleash Your Inner Zionism”. Children, young leaders, and adults of all ages were dancing and singing to the sound of Israeli tunes provided by one of Israel’s finest and most talented, DJ Or Tregger.  The crowds on the sidelines were filled with excitement as AZM/WZO tote bags and chocolate “Herzl’s” were distributed.

“This was the best parade ever thanks to AZM… the float was so cool, I better be invited back next year”, said a 10 year old marcher named Tomer. His positive approach reflected the overall mind-set of this beautiful day. “Nothing stopped our spirit, not even being rained down”, said Jeremy a Young Leader involved with ViZionYLD.

Happy 64th Birthday Israel… till next year!

*ViZionYLD is AZM’s Young Leadership Division.

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