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Army Brothers Song and Lyrics

Odes to the Abducted Soldiers

Yaron Cohen, songwriter and performer

“Army Brothers”

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Composed and performed by Yaron Cohen P&C. All rights reserved.

Lyrics in English

Army Brothers

If we look up at the sky
To the sea of stars
And we send up a sincere prayer to G-d
For without mother and without friends, we suspect,
He is alone in a strange land.

With signs of bravery and a flag,
We wait
To see you return to life
By learning from a brave woman
Who will fight in the stars.

And when you return to your mother
We’ll have a festival here
Balloons will fly to the sky
You will march forward
We will be at your side
Three army brothers walking hand in hand

There is no hug which will calm us down
Not even a single word
If only you would surprise us soon
The clock has stopped moving
The time passes slowly
And every day that passes
Is almost not a day at all.

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