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Help AZM Strengthen Israel – 2011 Year End Appeal

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Dear Friend,

To talk about Zionism is to talk about the redemption and renewal of a people, its language and culture in its ancient homeland. It is also to imagine all the potential that homeland has to offers its citizens and the global community.  The miracle of Israel’s establishment and the miracles of the 64 years of Israel’s existence, did not happen without tremendous effort. Thus, in this season of miracles and rededication, Israel and the crises it faces should be our obvious focus.

The crises are the on-going, pernicious attempts to delegitimize the State of Israel and the growing distance between young  American Jews and Israel. Both crises must be addressed by the Zionist Movement, through the American Zionist Movement.

AZM, the representative of the World Zionist Organization in the US, is the sole organization that brings Israel to all American Jews regardless of age, religious affiliation or political belief. Uniting and fortifying our members is the essential belief in the Jewish state and the right of Jews to self-determination in our own homeland. You can help AZM bring that message to Jews throughout the United States with your support.

Among AZM’s  accomplishments this year:

* Convening a conference on Countering Delegitimization of Israel and Anti-Semitism during UN Week in New York;

* Bringing Israeli Zionists to campuses, synagogues and JCC’s around the country ;

* Sending Purim gifts to “Lone Soldiers“ — IDF troops on active duty whose families do not live in Israel;

* Engaging young Jewish professionals in meaningful Zionist dialogue;

*Bringing young Jewish journalists to the General Assembly of JFNA to meet Jewish leadership and sharpen their skills.

*Organizing meaningful events to commemorate the significant dates on the “Zionist Calendar” in New York, Chicago and other American cities

The Zionist Movement was founded in 1897 to give a beleaguered Jewish people a sense of peoplehood and hope during some of the darkest hours of our long history.

We prevailed!  Today we have a homeland, a refuge; a Jewish land where Hebrew has been revived and which serves as a living experiment in the building of a model society.

The Zionist Movement is both our legacy and our future. Please help AZM continue the work of maintaining a united Zionist coalition on Israel’s behalf. Make a donation today through our website.

With thanks and with warm Zion Greetings,

William D. Hess, President

Marlene E. Post, Chair, National Board

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