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Yom Kef Press Release

“Yom Kef”

AZM’s “Yom Kef” provides Sderot families with a chance to relax

Written by: Deborah Fishman
For more information, please call: 847-677-5949

Over August 5, 6, and 7, the American Zionist Movement hosted “Yom Kef” (“Fun Days”) for the citizens of Sderot, who have been living under an unyielding barrage of Qassam rocket fire for the last five years. A total of eight busloads of Sderot families were treated to fun and educational day trips which included a tour of the Kotel (Western Wall) Tunnels, a visit to the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, a picnic lunch at the Wohl Rose Garden, and an afternoon at the amusement park Superland in Rishon Lezion.

“AZM’s ‘Yom Kef’ offered Sderot’s children a chance to run around and have fun, and for their parents to enjoy spending time with them, without the worry and fear which sadly they have become accustomed to feeling constantly,” said AZM President W. James Schiller. “Of course, one day cannot undo years of trauma, but the least we can do is to give these people a moment of peace and quiet.”

In addition to its recreational component, “Yom Kef” provided the enriching experience of a tour Israel’s capital for Sderot’s residents, many of whom are new immigrants and families who have never been there before. The itinerary was coordinated with the aid of the World Zionist Organization Department for Zionist Activities and the Sderot Community Center.

“This project was unique in that it had two objectives: education and fun,” said AZM Executive Director Karen Rubinstein. “But even above and beyond giving these families some much-needed ‘quality time’ together, in doing so we showed them that they have not been forgotten by the rest of the world.”

AZM member organizations generously helped contribute to “Yom Kef.” Mercaz USA sponsored three buses of Sderot citizens, AMIT sponsored two buses, and B’nai B’rith and the Baltimore Zionist District each sponsored one bus.

An additional day of “Yom Kef” is being planned for October.

AZM – the American affiliate of the World Zionist Organization – is an umbrella organization that works to strengthen the connection of American Jews with Israel, facilitating dialogue, debate and collective action to further Zionism in the United States and abroad.

Photos from “Yom Kef” are available online here. For more information, please call Deborah Fishman at 847-677-5949.

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