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WZC 2020 Delegate / Alternate Registration

Welcome to Delegate and Alternate Registration for the 38th World Zionist Congress

Welcome to the Registration Website for Elected Delegates and Alternates from America to the 38th World Zionist Congress.

To start, please click the register button below, which will create an account that will securely protect your personal data.  If you already made an account here, please login below to finish submitting the required items.

Each delegate/alternate must submit the following:

  1. Personal information – required by WZO for registration and voting/participation credentials.
  2. Proof of two separate required donations made since October 2019 (of any amount): a) a contribution to JNF-KKL; and b) a contribution to a local Jewish Federation or to JFNA or JAFI directly. Your slate coordinator can provide additional details. If you do not have your donation receipts at this time, you will be able to submit those at a later date. However, your registration will not be complete until they are submitted. 
  3. A “Provisional” Letter of Resignation, required by all, which will be kept “on file” and only submitted if you cannot participate, thereby enabling a replacement delegate/alternate to take your seat and/or vote. 

Your registration is not final until all sections are completed. 

Details of your registration are below.

Your registration is not final and cannot be submitted until all 3 sections are completed. 

You will receive an email notification once your registration is complete.

Questions? – contact your slate coordinator or

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If your receipts are not listed above or you have additional receipts to submit, please click here to upload one or more contribution proofs below. If you are unable to upload here the receipt/proof of donation can be sent by email to either your slate coordinator or to For more information on what is required please also contact them.


Please note that you are not actually yet resigning as a delegate or alternate by signing this document. It is requested that all delegates/alternates sign such a “resignation letter” in advance of the Congress to ensure that any last minute requests for resignation can be implemented properly if necessary. This “Provisional” Letter of Resignation, will be kept “on file” and only submitted if you cannot participate, thereby enabling a replacement delegate/alternate to take your seat and/or vote.

To: The World Zionist Congress & American Zionist Movement (AZM):

I hereby resign my position as a delegate/alternate on the Slate below to the 38th World Zionist Congress in October 2020, without prejudice to seek reinstatement to participate in a future Extraordinary Congress in 2021/2022, provided such reinstatement is permitted under future WZO rules which are under consideration at this time.

Need help?

Contact your slate coordinator or click the button below or email