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AZM Antisemitism, Anti-Zionism and Holocaust Denial Project

“We find ourselves in a chess match of hatred. Fighting Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism is our communal obligation. We must defend our people, our heritage and our good name. We must adopt a policy of Zero Tolerance against Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism”.

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6 Accusations Made Against Jews and Israel (Club Z)

The A to Z of Zionism (Rafael Medoff and Chaim I. Waxman)

Handbook for the practical use of the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism (European Commission)

2020 Top Ten Worst Global Anti-Semitic Incidents (Simon Wiesenthal Center)

New Tools Against Antisemitism Edge Out Grim 2020 Trends;
Should Optimism Continue in 2021? (The Focus Project) 12/29/2020

Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism, Plain and Simple (watch video) Former Knesset member Rabbi Dov Lipman (United with Israel) 12/20/2020

Stop pretending that anti-Zionism isn’t anti-Semitism Jonathan S. Tobin (JNS) 12/16/2020

Club Z: Anti-Zionism is “Most Potent Form of Anti-Semitism” Aaron Bandler (Jewish Journal) 12/11/2020

Jersey City Massacre First Anniversary: Lessons Learned and New Tools to Fight Antisemitism (The Focus Project) 12/9/2020

Why are Jews trying to undermine the fight against Jew-hatred? Jonathan S. Tobin (JNS)  12/7/2020

We must define antisemitism to stop antisemitism Liroa Rez / (Jpost) Oped 12/5/2020

BDS Without Campus Max Krupnick (Tablet Magazine) 11/24/2020

The Meaning of Jewsh Exceptionalism with Ruth Wisse (watch video) Tikvah 11/18/2020

The Hate That Can’t Be Contained Blake Flayton (Tablet) 11/25/2020

Largest NGO of imams worldwide adopts universal definition of anti-Semitism Jackson Richman (JNS) 10/29/2020

Stop Being Shocked: American liberalism is in danger from a new ideology—one with dangerous implications for Jews Bari Weiss (Tablet Magazine) 10/14/2020

Facebook to remove Holocaust denial content from social media platform Tamar Beeri (Jpost) 10/13/2020

College Administrators Must Address Anti-Semitism on Their Campuses | Opinion Lauri B. Regan and Asaf Romirowsky, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East / SPME (Newsweek) 9/11/2020

Americans for Peace Now Refuses to Adopt ‘Weaponized’ Definition of Antisemitism Allison Kaplan Sommer (Ha’aretz) 4/12/2020

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