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Spotlight On: World Zionist Congress

WZO LOGO-2013It is widely known that Theodor Herzl convened the first Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897, which served as the foundation for the Zionist Movement – the creative force and organizational framework behind the State of Israel.

But did you know that the Zionist Congress remains the highest governing body of the World Zionist Organization?  It has met regularly since its inception in 1897, its meetings suspended only during the world wars.  Today it meets every five years, always in Jerusalem.

The 37th World Zionist Congress will convene in the third week of October 2015, and across the globe preparations have already begun. But why should you care? 

As Jews we are part of a living, breathing and incredibly significant global community. In these challenging times it is both your right and your responsibility to raise your voice on critical issues facing the community.

Do you have an opinion about Jewish education, combatting Anti-Semitism, Aliyah or social justice in Israel? If you answered “yes” to any of these issues, then know that the Zionist movement provides a unique opportunity in Jewish life to let your voice be heard. Elections to the World Zionist Congress give you the opportunity to weigh in and get involved.

Delegates to the World Zionist Congress delegates will elect the Movement’s international leadership and chart its course for the next five years.  Don’t complain about circumstances – help design the future and realize your vision for Israel and the Jewish People instead.

The United States boasts 29 percent of the elected delegates to the Zionist Congress, and as an American Jew you will have the right and opportunity to register and vote. Open registration and voting begin on January 13, 2015. Watch this website for more information.