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Posters of Pre-State Israel Give Special Insight Into Zionism

These 18 authentic posters from pre-state Israel and its early years of independence give expression to the ideals on which the Zionist movement was founded, the challenges it has had to contend with since its outset and the remarkable achievements characterizing its first decades.

More than an important historical record, this collection provides a fascinating insight into the atmosphere and spirit of the times. It also serves as a source of inspiration for carrying on with the vital mission of …

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Participate in the AZM Purim Connection 2014

It’s Adar and Purim is almost upon us. Once again the American Zionist Movement and its member organizations are partnering to bring Purim joy to Lone Soldiers, front-line soldiers and children of Israel. Please help us spread the word in your congregations and communities. The more peole who particpate, the more joyous Purim will be for many.

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Cafe Ivrit Yoga Edition – Alef Bet Yoga!

Relax your body and challenge your mind as our professional yoga instructor takes you through various yoga poses in Hebrew. All levels of yoga and Hebrew are welcome to participate. Space is limited so advance reservations are strongly encouraged. Cafe Ivrit is a new initiative that uses the Hebrew language to further connect young professionals with their Jewish identity and the State of Israel.

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Zionism: From Ideology to Action: Israeli and American Perspectives

On Sunday-Monday, October 20-21, the American Zionist Movement and the World Zionist Organization will be bringing together thinkers, educators, activists and leaders for an in-depth discussion of Zionism. On Sunday the conference will probe the meaning and relevance of Zionism for America Jewry today. On Monday the program will move to a more practical agenda of how do we “reclaim” the word Zionism, and how do we practice and project its meaning in the real world of campus, synagogue and community?

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A Shanah Tovah Message From Rabbi Vernon Kurtz

The period of the High Holy Days is a time of introspection and meditation. While we Jews do not necessarily make New Year resolutions, it is helpful to stand back to see how we have done this past year as we challenge ourselves to improve in the coming year.

From the point of the work of the American Zionist Movement we need to ask ourselves the following questions: Have we strengthened our bond to Zion, to the State of Israel, to the Jewish people around the world this past year?

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Learn Hebrew with ViZionYLD and Masa Israel Journey

Join ViZionYLD & Masa Israel for an evening of informal Hebrew networking. Practice your Hebrew-speaking skills over beera and chummus with other young professionals. Chat with young Israelis, and schmooze b’ivrit at the bar! Café Ivrit is a new initiative that uses the Hebrew language to further connect young professionals to their Jewish identity & the State of Israel.
The series uses a holistic approach of immersion and experiential learning to engage and inspire.

All levels are welcome. Yallah, Nu!!
Light Israeli refreshments will be served.

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AZM Brings Layla Lavan to New York City

The first New York Layla Lavan took place on Wednesday evening, July 17th in the midst of one of the worst heat waves in years. An annual event in Tel Aviv, Layla Lavan was first instituted there as an all-night cultural festival in 2003 to mark UNESCO’s awarding it World Heritage status. The record-breaking hot and humid weather was no deterrent for the Manhattan revelers who flocked to the west side for “a taste of Israel” in New York.

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Dr. Ruth Calderon, MK, on Building Bridges Among Jews

Dr Ruth Calderon, renowned academic and educator, and now a Member of Knesset from the Yesh Atid party, will be speaking on “Building Bridges Among Jews” on Thursday, April 11th. The program will be held at the Jewish Theological Seminary at Broadway and 122nd Street in Manhattan. This promises to be a thought provoking program. There has already been a great response so if you are interested, please RSVP quickly.

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More Than 1000 Mishloach Manot Delivered to Southern Israel for Purim

For more than 25 years, the American Zionist Movement has proudly been donating mishloach manot (traditional Purimgift baskets) to Israeli children and soldiers for Purim. Because of the numerous recent attacks faced by those living in the south of Israel, this year AZM focused on Ashkelon and its surrounding areas in order to show solidarity with residents there.

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the Hebrew letter alef

Learn Some Hebrew Words and Roots;Learn About Zionism As Well

Just as fidelity to the Hebrew language was a key to our redemption from Egypt (Midrash Vayikra Rabba 32:5), so, too, was it a key to our survival throughout the long exile from our homeland. Dispersed to the four corners of the earth, our diligence in continuing to study and pray in Hebrew united us in a collective bond to our common inheritance and its values.

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Painting by Sharona Eliassaf

Feminism, Zionism and the Identities of Jewish Women Activists

FeminIsrael has been a joint project of the World Zionist Organization and the American Zionist Movement for many years. Originally a campus-based program, it has moved into the community in recent years. To mark FeminIsrael and Wmen’s History Month his year, AZM and WZO are sponsoring a panel at B’nai Jeshuran on the multiple identities of Jewish women activitists. All are invited to participate.

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HBR Scholarship Recipients: Spring 2013

Emly Oren will be attending the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem this Spring. Her family is Israeli, and spending summers in Israel and integrating the culture into her life in America led her to a lifelong connection with Israel and Judaism. Emly looks forward to expanding and examining her Jewish education

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Monopolity Game Box

Monopolity: The Fun Game of Israeli Politics

The WZO: Department of Diaspora Activities presents Monopolity- a life-size game board and simulation of the political parties and issues in Israel today. Monopolity is a fun, inter active game that explores the complexities of the Israeli Society and Knesset! Using the game, you can debate and discuss some of the major issues in Israeli society: State vs. Religion, Peace & Security , Immigration, the Israel-Diaspora relations, to name a few. It is suitable for a wide variety of venues and groups, including Hillels, youth movements, congregations, Jewish Day

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DONATE NOW: Purim 2013 Heads South to Ashkelon and Beyond

It was just a few short weeks ago that Israeli children in the southern part of the country were terrorized by missile attacks numbering in the hundreds. Many lived in safe rooms and shelters for close to two weeks. There was no school to attend. The sanitary and living conditions were primitive. And the rockets kept coming. Yet the children found it within themselves to stand up to the attacks and resumed their lives as soon as they were able. It takes a special strength to do this: Jewish strength supported by a Zionist spirit.

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Bill Hess and Marlene Post

New Leaders Elected at AZM Biennial Assembly 2012

The room was full to capacity. Hurricane Sandy had caused a change in both date and venue for AZM’s Biennial Assembly in New York, but it hadn’t diminished enthusiasm levels. On December 17, the audience was eager to hear the different perspectives offered by speakers about Zionism and our role in it. The short program packed a good punch, providing serious substance as Conference of Presidents Executive Vice Chairman and CEO Malcolm Hoenlein, Ameinu National President Kenneth Bob and ……..

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