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Israel Programs Expo — Education Reimagined

Please join us for the first edition of the Israel Programs Expo, showcasing educational, cultural and other innovative programs available to enrich Israel programs in your communities in the Tri-State area on November 30th. Register now!

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Robotraffic 2016 Competition at the Technion

The Robotraffic Competition will take place at the Technion next March for the 7th consecutive year. Beyond a robotic competition, the event is an opportunity for young North American teens to experience a week of friendly competition, while meeting budding scientists in Israel and discovering the country.

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Operation Protective Edge – Resources and Materials

As members of the American Zionist Movement we express our concern and support for the welfare of our brothers and sisters in the State of Israel and for the soldiers who are currently involved on the battlefield. Here are a number of opportunities for you to show your solidarity and links to informational and educational materials to help in your work and efforts.

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Defining Zionism – An Online Speaker Series

Hadassah’s Defining Zionism in the 21st Century Series is an online monthly program that creates a welcoming opportunity for everyone to explore various perspectives of Zionism from the comfort of home. This program is free of charge and open to the community.
The American Jewish Community is vital to Israel. Explore ways of expressing your practical Zionism by learning about the mutually beneficial relationship between America and Israel.

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Posters of Pre-State Israel Give Special Insight Into Zionism

These 18 authentic posters from pre-state Israel and its early years of independence give expression to the ideals on which the Zionist movement was founded, the challenges it has had to contend with since its outset and the remarkable achievements characterizing its first decades.

More than an important historical record, this collection provides a fascinating insight into the atmosphere and spirit of the times. It also serves as a source of inspiration for carrying on with the vital mission of …

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Cafe Ivrit Yoga Edition – Alef Bet Yoga!

Relax your body and challenge your mind as our professional yoga instructor takes you through various yoga poses in Hebrew. All levels of yoga and Hebrew are welcome to participate. Space is limited so advance reservations are strongly encouraged. Cafe Ivrit is a new initiative that uses the Hebrew language to further connect young professionals with their Jewish identity and the State of Israel.

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Zionism: From Ideology to Action: Israeli and American Perspectives

On Sunday-Monday, October 20-21, the American Zionist Movement and the World Zionist Organization will be bringing together thinkers, educators, activists and leaders for an in-depth discussion of Zionism. On Sunday the conference will probe the meaning and relevance of Zionism for America Jewry today. On Monday the program will move to a more practical agenda of how do we “reclaim” the word Zionism, and how do we practice and project its meaning in the real world of campus, synagogue and community?

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A Shanah Tovah Message From Rabbi Vernon Kurtz

The period of the High Holy Days is a time of introspection and meditation. While we Jews do not necessarily make New Year resolutions, it is helpful to stand back to see how we have done this past year as we challenge ourselves to improve in the coming year.

From the point of the work of the American Zionist Movement we need to ask ourselves the following questions: Have we strengthened our bond to Zion, to the State of Israel, to the Jewish people around the world this past year?

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AZM Brings Layla Lavan to New York City

The first New York Layla Lavan took place on Wednesday evening, July 17th in the midst of one of the worst heat waves in years. An annual event in Tel Aviv, Layla Lavan was first instituted there as an all-night cultural festival in 2003 to mark UNESCO’s awarding it World Heritage status. The record-breaking hot and humid weather was no deterrent for the Manhattan revelers who flocked to the west side for “a taste of Israel” in New York.

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