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Helyn B. Reich Scholarship Recipients – Spring 2008

Helyn B. Reich Scholarship

Recipients, Spring 2008

The Helyn B. Reich Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce its selection of five outstanding candidates, who will receive scholarships to study in Israel. These students distinguish themselves through their passionate support for the Zionist cause on their campuses and in their communities, exhibiting great promise as the future leaders of a pro-Israel America.

Meet the recipients:

Lee’at Bachar

Lee’at Bachar is spending her junior year abroad at the University of Haifa.

During her first semester there, she volunteered to teach English to underprivileged Ethiopian students. A Hebrew and Jewish Studies major at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, she has served as the Communicator Director of the Jewish Cultural Collective and as editor of her campus’ Jewish newspaper.

“I envision my future relationship to Zionism as critical to my identity and my happiness in life” – Lee’at Bachar

Bill Glucroft

Bill Glucroft, a recent graduate of Emerson College, will be studying at the University of Haifa this spring. Beyond his B.S. in Print & Multimedia Journalism, he has cultivated practical experience as a founder of an independent videography and photography company, and as a freelance photographer and reporter. His work has been published in the Jerusalem Post, New York Times Magazine, and the Boston Globe.

“My Jewishness, and my attachment to Israel, is central to who I am… While in Israel, I seek to explore what Zionism means given today’s political realities… This is a sense I can gain only from being on the ground, experiencing Israel first-hand in a diverse, educational and Jewish environment.” – Bill Glucroft

Sophia Krentzman

Sophia Krentzman, a junior at the University of Massachusetts, will be spending her spring semester at the University of Haifa.

An anthropology major, she has devoted her time outside the classroom to founding an Israeli dance troupe on campus and serving on the board of her Hillel’s Student Alliance for Israel, planning events and Israel awareness programs.

“I believe that the continuation of the State of Israel is one of the most important issues facing Jews in the modern world. I will be proud to contribute as much as possible to furthering that cause.” – Sophia Krentzman

Marla Schuchman

Marla Schuchman will participate in an internship in marketing and advertising in Tel Aviv through Israel Career Experience.

Currently she serves as the Israel Travel Specialist for the Reform Movement, a partnership position between ARZA and the Israel Ministry of Tourism. She is a graduate of NYU, where she was an officer of the Israel club, Gesher.

“My Zionism reflects a desire to work with Israel to affect change both in Israel and abroad.” – Marla Schuchman

Adam Molner

Adam Molner will be attending the Israel Career Experience program, with an internship in journalism at Haaretz in Tel Aviv. A graduate of Michigan State University in sociology, Adam was inspired by a recent Birthright trip to learn more about Israel and become involved as a volunteer in the Jewish community.

“After seeing how Israel takes care of Jews around the world, I saw that it was my responsibility as a Jew to help other Jews.” – Adam Molner

Congratulations to this year’s recipients and best of luck!

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