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Helyn B. Reich Scholarship Recipients – Fall 2007

Helyn B. Reich Scholarship

Recipients, Fall 2007

Updates from 2007 Recipients

Meet the recipients:

Zachary Bercu

Zachary Bercu, a medical student at Emory University, will study at the WUJS Peace & Social Justice Program.

Zach, who wrote his Harvard University undergraduate thesis comparing kibbutzniks and a population in Tel Aviv as relative models of collectivistic and individualistic community, aspires to be a radiologist.

“I want to further my personal connection to Israel as I continue my professional path.” – Zachary Bercu

Laura Finkelstein

Laura Finkelstein, a graduate student in fine arts at Boston University, will participate in the WUJS Arts Program. Laura is a budding painter who finds artistic inspiration in the landscape, cities and people of Israel.

“I would hope to encourage other Jewish artists to share and develop their work in Israel, and to also positively explore their own ideas about Israel and Zionism here in America.” – Laura Finkelstein

Katherine Hallman

Katherine Hallman, seen here on Masada during her Birthright trip last summer, will attend the WUJS Land, Language & Society Program. Kate received her masters in social work from the University of Washington and now works at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

“This is a very personal project for me, as we were the only Jewish family in town when I was growing up. We experienced much more outright ignorance than anti-Semitism, and I would be thrilled to educate students about the modern state of Israel.” – Kate Hallman

Danny Moss

Danny Moss, a rising junior at Oberlin College, will be taking a year abroad at the University of Haifa. A double major in Jewish Studies and religion, Danny is a veteran camper and counselor at the Union for Reform Judaism Camp OSRUI and an active member of Oberlin College Hillel and Zionist student group.

“I was raised with a strong Jewish Zionist identity, and the activities I have chosen to pursue reflect my unyielding commitment to the Jewish Homeland.” – Danny Moss

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