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Israel at the Movies: Your Guide to 8 Israeli Films

Israel at the Movies:
Your Guide to 8 Israeli Films

52 pages, 8 1/2 x 11

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In addition to being fun to watch as entertainment, Israeli films can be powerful lenses through which to examine Israeli society. Whether you are looking to teach about Israel or learn more about it yourself, this guide will enable you to delve deeply into the important themes underlying Israeli society at your synagogue, community center, class, film group, Israel club or just with a group of friends. In addition to providing the relevant cinematographic and historical background crucial for a full appreciation of these movies, this guide enables active, critical thinking through thought-provoking activities and questions for discussion.

This guide covers four major themes in Israeli society: Outsiders and Integration into Israeli Society, Jewish-Arab Relations, The Role of Religion, and Interpersonal Relationships in Israeli Society. Two movies are featured under each theme.
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