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Chanukah Heroes

Chanukah Heroes

Celebrating the Miracles – And the Heroes Who Made Them Happen

IDF soldiers - Israel's modern-day Maccabees - lighting Chanukah candles. (left: IDF Chief Rabbi Avi Ronsky; right: IDF Chief of Staff Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi)

Chanukah is the Holiday of Light.

As you gather with your friends and family to light the Chanukah candles, take a moment to reflect on the heroes who are the Lights of Israel – and what we can learn from their Jewish and Zionist values.

Each night of Chanukah, read about a different Zionist theme, and a Chanukah Hero whose life accomplishments embody it. You may also want to try the related activities while your family is gathered together for the Chanukah celebration.

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